April Popko

American artist, April Popko, has lived and worked from her Prague 5 studio since 2003. Through painting, she transfers positive energy and light to the world around her.

Born in Massachusetts, Popko has presented her work in solo exhibitions for USA, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Portugal and more. Popko also exhibits for group shows as an active member at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) in Provincetown, Mass. USA, home to the country's oldest art community. Popko has also exhibited work in numerous unique venues such as the National Museum of Prague, Zofin Palace, the Zizkov Tower observatory, the US Embassy, galleries and various public and private spaces. Popko's work also includes a special traveling project called Popko Good Vibes-one painting travels around the globe, from country to country, shared by hundreds of hands to connect the world.

As the featured artist in various publications, Popko also uses her art to support charities and organizations, to share her positive energy and to promote communication and connectedness.

Note from the artist:

"My creations communicate energetically, highlighting colors, textures and light. I am driven to connect and inspire people to live intentionally. I aim to encourage others to celebrate every day, to find and shine light as brightly as possible, and to consciously share energy, skills, talents, ideas and gifts with the world.

I love colors, energy and light. I also enjoy the smell of fresh paint, new canvas, and the time I get to spend creating. It's such a pleasure for me! Inspiration comes from many things-natural elements, colors and textures in nature, music, architecture, travel, people, sounds and emotions... I translate these experiences through my art and the mood that strikes me the moment I put paint onto canvas. A gravitation toward optimistic ideas and people is often transferred into my work. When I paint, I gain a lot of energy and feel as if I could paint throughout the entire day and night, without stopping.

Living abroad, I needed to communicate in a complex, foreign world, and yet, in this diverse, "global community," I was searching-between language barriers, cultural differences and questions around what I could contribute to society by being here. Through art, I reinvented myself to express what I needed the outside world to understand. In this transformative process, I discovered fearlessness and, unexpectedly, a massive sense of connection. My art became the medium in which I could build bridges between the gaps which I thought had existed (linking countries, communities, genders, lifestyles, cultures, languages, and even the space between heaven and earth)." -April Popko


email: april@popko.com


Instagram: #aprilpopko




Contact Popko directly to obtain original artwork and to meet the artist for energy and inspiration. Paintings come with an official signed and wax-sealed Certificate of Authenticity and can be shipped worldwide.

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