Dear public,

let us invite you to the second edition of the popular Atelier ART Fest - international fair of modern art. Also this year, spaces of Prague's industrial Palace will be opened for present artists, on days 7th September to 9th September 2018 on the exhibition grounds Prague Holesovice, Czech Republic.

What is Atelier ART Fest?

Atelier ART Fest was born out of the idea that art knows no borders and its own freedom. That is why we want to create a free space in which artists can clash, their audience, but also those who deal with art in the theoretical level, whether as a teacher or a lecture, or from a commercial point of view.

Especially, personality is the most important for us. Therefore, each of the exhibitors (artists, gallery) gets the opportunity to introduce their unique perception and present their own creation. We want actually everyone to get into public, regardless of whether they are professional or amateur. In addition, exhibitors are allowed not only to introduce their works, but also to sell it on the spot to the visitors.

We support a wide range of authors from painting to photography to sculpture. We are not limited only to Czech artists, we also want to provide foreign works to our visitors. We deny our attention primarily to those who are pursued in art, because we believe that it is the closest thing to visitors and has the most striking value for them.

What is our goal?

A similar concept has successfully established itself abroad, art festivals are held regularly in Western Europe, but also in the USA. We believe that we have a stimulating environment from which can grow a siginificant artistic feast that is able to build a solid tradition.

Indeed, it also documents the success of the first year. There were 128 creators overal. In order to increase the visitor attractiveness of the Fest, we decided to add a varied accompanying program, which will present the stars of the domestic scene this year's edition. Last year, we also supported the KRTEK Children's Oncology Endowment Fund with money gained during the festival. We want to continue with other projects aimed at helping to specific children in the future.

We strive to make the Atelier ART Fest a kind of open-air cultural crossroad. Even in the world of art, there is not just one right path. Every direction we go can enrich you and bring you new experiences. That is why we are trying to support all in their own direction. If you want to become a part of this vision, you are welcome.

How to become a part of the Atelier ART Fest?

Applications for Atelier ART Fest can be sent electronically or simply fill out the contact form on our websites For more informations, please contact us using the methods described above by organizers, who will be happy to provide them to you. The latest deadline for submission of entries for artists and galleries is May 2018.

We will be very happy if you decide to be a member in the international trade fair Atelier ART Fest 2018 in Prague. Atelier ART Festival is not just a pleasure for you eyes, but a lesson too.

Jiří Doležal - organizer


Atelier Art Fest

Bednářská 1025/3

180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic