My work is based on a foundation of authentic techniques and traditional technologies and my own approach of interpreting reality.
Plein air painting expeditions helped me to feel the rhitms and correlations behind the civilization to understand myself and my point.
My main principle in painting is to try to see and reflect in the simple things the soul and impulse of the divine. It brings together a human, an apple, a tree, a sunflower or a mountain range.
I am close to the aesthetics of Japanese engraving, including the artist Katsushiki Hokusai - the embodiment of the Dzen principle: constant in its variability "here and now." Every things, every manifestation of this world is unique, and the purpose of the soul is to know and understand this uniqueness. As each of us is unique, there are no two identical leaves on the tree. 

Actually this is how image becomes an icon. I combine an abstract landscape, still lifes, portraits
with an icon painting principles in special colors in differend stage of transparency.
Apparently total honesty and sincerity are the core of my creativity and my entire life.

Born in 1994, 9 of August
Studied in Art school of Truskavets, painting department
2012-2016 - Studied in Lviv National Academy of Arts, restoration
2016-2018 - Graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts. Sacred art. Master degree

2017-2019 - Iconographic plein airs [Ukraine-Poland] in Zamlynie, Ukraine;
2018 - Plein air in Tsuman` reservation, Ukraine;
2018 - Iconographic plein air 'Sources', Truskavets, Ukraine;
2019 - Plein air in Dzembronia, Carpathian mountains;
2019 - Seminar for creative youth, Irpin`, Ukraine

2013-2014 - 'Youth view of Lviv'. Lviv, Ukraine
2018 - 'Autumn salon', Lutsk art gallery
2018 - 'Winter salon', Lutsk art gallery
2019 - 'Just plein air' MAYSTERNIA Gallery, Lutsk, Ukraine
2019 - 'Biennale of levkas' White world gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2020 - 'NATURE MORTE' solo exhibition in Lviv cofee manufacture,Lviv, Ukraine                                2020 - 'Immunity' group exhibition in Korsak Contemporary Art Museum, Lutsk, Ukraine