I am a 29 year old Franco-Czech women. Years ago, I started with gouache, continued with watercolorand so far I have settled on acrylic paints.

Colors, sun, shadows, bodies water and definitely cats. Another great love of mine is West Africa, Ivory Coast, specifically the village of Niezeko, where I grew up. All this is my great inspiration. I like to cross the boundaries of reality and present my paintings in the form of surrealism with stylized motifs. Painting makes me happy and I manifest my reality throught art.

As a member of the Association of Artists Prácheň in the Czech Republic, I also see painting as something that brings me closer to my second homeland.


Czech Republic - Gallery "M" in Milevsko, Life in surrealism

Gallery "U Putimské brány" in Písek, Kittens end other rascals

Gallery in the library in Písek, Ecce homo

Gallery "Portyč" in Písek, XII. Collective exhibition

Gallery " U Putimské brány" in Písek, XIII. Collective exhibition

Gallery in the Winter garden in Prachatice, Color harmony

Gallery in the library in Písek, Christmas harmony

Gallery "U Putimské brány" in Písek, Goodbye to little house

KreBul, o.p.s. in Prachatice, Our souls are talking

Gallery in the Museum JUDr. O. Kudrny in Netolice That´s how we see the world

Germany - Gallery Capuchin Monastery in Deggendorf, collective exhibition

Gallery Capuchin Monastery in Deggendorf, My view of the world

I am part of the Only Picture Book with Original Works published by Online Gallery    



mob. +33 0668243245