Laura Hanganu

Laura is an abstract painter based in the Czech Republic born in Romania and raised in the heart of Rome. Having experienced life through the eyes of different communities and cultures is a great source of inspiration. 

Her work has been part of multiple curated exhibitions around Czech Republic, and she is a member of Victory Art Gallery and part of several directories such as Art Mums United and Art Mums Europe. Present in art publications such as The Huts Magazine with "Stronger Together", "An artist's diary" and many more.

Artist statement

As a famous phrase used by Seneca in Hercules "There is no easy way from the earth to the stars", and my way to the stars was definitely not easy. Dealing with isolation, becoming a new mother and all this in a country whose language is a mystery for me, pushed me to find new ways of sharing my deepest thoughts, hopes and emotions. 

I am abstract artist with a passion for textures. Inspired by nature for the moodiness and by the stars and the galaxies for the bright and shiny colors, my work results in a heavy structured abstract work with multiple color combination and sudden tonal variations together with the use of metallic colors, all to color the human experience with a shown sensibility in the approach.

I finally reached my stars and, while textures are getting heavier, since inspired by planets and galaxies, the colors are becoming brighter and a sense of peace settles in, as light as if it were floating in space in the absence of gravity. This is my story: This is my sincere confession.


web: www.laura-hanganu.art  

e-mail: hanganulaura@gmail.com

IG: @laura.in.art