Rohan Hegde

Rohan Hegde - Abstract and Visual Artist

Born in Mumbai, India, I have always been interested in Art from a young age. When my parents saw that I might show some promise in art, they allowed me to pursue this on my own time. I started drawing and have always kept producing some art be it portraits, cartoons or paintings. Even did a couple of small illustrations for a media company. Later on, I got interested in Abstract art and worked on a couple of canvases. Seeing my work, I ended up getting a few commissions and from then on, I haven't looked back. More recently, I have developed an interest in Figurative Sculpture.

Painting and Sculpting relaxes me. It takes me into a world that is inside my mind, a parallel universe of sorts where my mind is at peace and I only think of the artwork in front of me.

I work mainly on large-ish canvas art doing Abstract artwork. I don't specifically have a process. I guess I am still working that one out. I currently try various processes to achieve different results. I like texture in my art, something you can touch and feel. I believe texture in art brings the feeling of realism to the artwork. I splash paint, pour paint, spread paint using various tools including brushes, palette knives & window cleaning tools.

I create lots of layers with paint and then scrape paint off to expose lower layers creating a depth into the painting.

With Sculpture, I use different types of Clay, grey clay and polymer clay for my work. Working on portraits , other characters depending on the project on hand. I do have some of the works cast in resin as well.

Rohan Hegde



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